ZeroFly® is a ground-breaking innovation for the safe storage of grain, seed and pulses. This insecticide-treated bags are an ideal solution for small and medium size farmers, it can be stored in areas with existing insect infestation without any risk.

The technology

  • Stored commodities are protected by reducing the insect damage.
  • Seed viability of stored seeds is protected.
  • Effectiveness of a minimum two years is ensured through sustained release and controlled migration of the active ingredient to the surface of the yarns.
  • Internationally recognized quality standards for storage bags are followed, quality assurance tests are conducted to ensure standards are met.

The grain, the bug and the bag

As we approach 50 years post Green Revolution, food security remains a global problem with 1 in 8 still going hungry. Global hunger affects nearly a billion people and approximately one-third of food produced for human consumption is either lost or wasted. Addressing the post-harvest loss issue is critical to achieving global food security and global development.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Vestergaard is a global company committed to improving lives of people in developing countries with important food security interventions. Vestergaard believes strongly in humanitarian responsibility and the commitment to the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals drives business objectives and provides the impetus for continued focus on innovation

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  • 550,000 Metric tons

    of grains stored safe from grain pests, which commonly perpetrate losses of 12-20%.

  • $16.5 million in post harvest loss averted

    using the 12% loss range, and assuming an average market price of US$250 per ton

  • 350,000 + Community farmers

    benefiting from safe storage in ZeroFly® Storage bags

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