Scientific Publications PermaNet® 3.0

Backed by rigorous scientific research, PermaNet® 3.0 is the most effective and most durable LLIN on the market today.

PermaNet® 3.0 Evidence Base

  • PermaNet® 3.0 is prequalified by WHO (Reference 005-002)

    The vector control group of the WHO Prequalification Team (PQT-VC) works in close cooperation with national regulatory agencies and partner organizations, to ensure that quality vector control products are available to those who urgently need them.

    PermaNet® 3.0 PQ listing
  • PermaNet® 3.0 Scientific Publications

    A substantial body of scientific evidence demonstrates the increased efficacy of the PBO LLIN, PermaNet® 3.0 against pyrethroid resistant malaria mosquitoes (compared with pyrethroid only LLINs). Scientific publications include lab, semi-field, and community studies.

  • Three long-term field studies

    WHOPES Phase III are prospective three year studies. The studies conducted on PermaNet® 3.0 in Ghana, India, and Kenya confirm the long lasting efficacy, fabric integrity, and community acceptability of PermaNet® 3.0.

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