PermaNet® 2.0

The world’s most deployed and tested LLIN, PermaNet® 2.0 is protecting users in 100+ countries. It is the world’s most preferred LLIN by humanitarians across the globe.

Product Distinctions

  • Ready-to-use LLIN pre-treated with deltamethrin, requiring no re-treatment
  • Made of 100% soft and breathable polyester, the preferred material by bed net users
  • Based on superior technology of impregnation where the bioavailability of deltamethrin is controlled through a slow releasing process
  • Long-lasting killing effect against susceptible malaria mosquitoes and other susceptible disease-transmitting vectors
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable and safe for use by all, including babies, young children and pregnant women
  • Expected product lifetime is 20 washes (approximately 3 years) when used as recommended
  • Backed by the largest installed production facilities in the world
  • Registered in 26 countries

Resources for PemaNet® 2.0