LifeStraw® water filters convert contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water. The easy-to-use filters are a vital tool for some of the 780 million people who don’t have ready access to safe drinking water. LifeStraw® is a sister company to Vestergaard, headquartered in the United States.

The Technology

  • All LifeStraw products use a hollow fiber membrane.
  • LifeStraw Filters use a microfiltration membranes with 0.2 micron size pores
  • LifeStraw Purifiers use an ultrafiltration membrane with 0.02 micron size pores
  • Some products use a carbon filter that reduces chemicals and bad taste
  • Our advanced carbon filter + ion exchange technology, reduces heavy metals and chemicals
  • LifeStraw products are easy to use and long-lasting
  • No need for batteries or waiting - instant filtration

Your purchase has impact

With every product sold, a child in need receives safe water for an entire school year. LifeStraw’s Give Back program involves more than just dropping off water filters. With volunteers and a dedicated LifeStraw team at crucial sites around the world, the program ensures sustainability through comprehensive planning, training, education and quarterly follow-up visits for a period of 5 years. Through their effort and your participation in the Give Back program, we are able to make contaminated water safe to drink for communities around the world.


Meeting the World's Safe Water Needs

  • 3.4 Million

    Kids received one year of safe water through the Lifestraw® Give Back retail program

  • 38 Million

    LifeStraw® Guinea Worm filters delivered for the eradication of Guinea Worm disease

  • + 200 Million

    Liters of safe water donated through the Give Back program

UN Sustainable Development Goals

According to the UN, in 2019, 785 million people still lack a basic drinking water service and over 1/3 of primary schools lack basic drinking, sanitation and hygiene services. LifeStraw is committed to tackling these challenges by providing more than 1,000 rural schools with sustainable access to safe drinking water. LifeStraw’s programs also teach health hygiene and sanitation practices and provide continuous follow-up and education utilizing full time local in-country staff. LifeStraw also works with non-profit, government and international organizations all over the world to enable individuals, families and communities to access safe drinking water through the provision of LifeStraw products, and safe water education.

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