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VF and Miss Universe 2010 Team-Up to Distribute 1,000 CarePack®

VF and Ms. Jimena Navarrete, Miss Universe 2010, Team-Up to Distribute 1,000 CarePack® to Meet Needs of HIV Positive Indians

VF and Miss Universe 2010 Team-Up to Distribute 1,000 CarePack®

Delhi, India—Responding to the health and medical needs of India’s HIV positive community, Vestergaard Frandsen India and Miss Universe 2010, Ms. Jimena Navarrete of Mexico, teamed-up today to jointly distribute 1,000 donated CarePack® integrated prevention kits containing PermaNet® bed nets to prevent malaria, LifeStraw® water filters to prevent diarrheal disease and condoms to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

"We are pleased and honored to partner with Ms. Navarrete while she visits India, and to donate 1,000 of our CarePacks worth more than $35,000 USD to improve the health of the HIV positive community in Delhi and raise awareness of the ongoing issues impacting this underserved community," said Mr. Suresh Janardhanan, Regional Director – Asia, Vestergaard Frandsen India Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Navarrete is visiting India as part of her formal responsibilities as Miss Universe, and is leveraging her personal interest in HIV and nutrition issues to address the needs of Delhi’s HIV positive community.  AIDS-related issues are the official cause of the Miss Universe organization, and promoting organizations like Aid for AIDS ( and the Latino Commission on AIDS ( are two organizations Ms. Navarrete enjoys working with.

Vestergaard Frandsen’s CarePack® is evidence-based interventions packaged together for mass distribution to address multiple public health needs at once. In 2008 Vestergaard Frandsen held an integrated prevention campaign in which 50,000 CarePack were distributed as incentive for residents of a rural community in Western Kenya to participate in a voluntary HIV counseling and testing campaign. The campaign was a basis for the award winning documentary film The Test (see

Vestergaard Frandsen is a European company specializing in complex emergency response and disease control products. The company operates under a unique Humanitarian Entrepreneurship business model.  This “profit for a purpose” approach has turned humanitarian responsibility into its core business. Vestergaard Frandsen was founded in 1957 and has evolved into a multinational leader focused on helping to achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.  For more information please visit

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IR Mapper is a tool that helps inform vector control strategies by mapping insecticide resistance in mosquitoes that transmit malaria, Zika, Dengue and other mosquito borne diseases. This helps inform vector control strategies.


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For consumer purchases, visit LifeStraw® to find a local retailer. For each consumer purchase, one school child in Africa will receive clean water for an entire school year. For large quantities purchased for public health settings, contact us


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