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Vestergaard Frandsen Donates Hundreds of PermaNet® Bed Nets to Cameroon’s Nationwide Anti-Malaria Effort

Vestergaard Frandsen Donates Hundreds of PermaNet® Bed Nets to Cameroon’s Nationwide Anti-Malaria Effort

Effort Supports UN Foundation’s ‘Nothing But Nets’ Campaign

08 September 2011, NEW YORK—Vestergaard Frandsen, the world’s largest producer of anti-malaria bed nets, has donated 500 of its PermaNet® nets to the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to support the first-ever nationwide bed net distribution in Cameroon.

The first phase of this historic bed net distribution campaign was launched on 22 August. American singer-actress Mandy Moore traveled to Cameroon with the Nothing But Nets campaign and PSI in advance of the distribution to raise awareness for the country's need for nets.

“We’re proud to support Cameroonians and the Nothing But Nets campaign with this donation,” said Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen, CEO and owner of Vestergaard Frandsen. “Universal bed net coverage is critical to reaching the Millennium Development Goals, and we as a manufacturer of nets are happy to do our part alongside our governmental and NGO partners.”

Malaria is a major public health issue in Cameroon, where more people die from malaria than from any other disease. Rates of malaria there have tripled over the last five years. Globally, there are more than 200 million cases of malaria each year, and nearly 1 million of those infected die from the disease—most of them children under the age of five.

“We’ve seen incredible progress in the fight against malaria, and we know that it’s the product of partnership,” added Chris Helfrich, director of the Nothing But Nets campaign. “We’re grateful that our longtime partner Vestergaard Frandsen has donated 500 life-saving bed nets for our UN partners to distribute to families throughout Cameroon.”


Vestergaard Frandsen (VF) is a European company specializing in disease control products. VF operates under a unique Humanitarian Entrepreneurship business model. This "profit for a purpose" approach has turned corporate social responsibility into its core business of creating life-saving products for the developing world.  Strong support of the MDGs is a defining characteristic of the company. Its products are designed to prevent waterborne, vector-borne and neglected tropical diseases.  For more information about the company please visit

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