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LifeStraw® and World Water Day "Play Day" in Peru


Innovative LifeStraw® Water Purifier Addresses Need Faced by Seventy-four Per Cent of Rural Peruvians Who Lack Access to Clean Water

San Mateo, Peru, March 18, 2011 -- Children in the rural village of San Mateo outside of Lima will get a potentially lifesaving gift for World Water Day.  Each child will receive a personal water filter called a LifeStraw® to improve the quality of water they consume in the home and at school. They will also be given proper education on how to avoid water-borne disease.

The children are taking part in an innovative program from Right To Play.  The international development and humanitarian organization builds life skills in children living in disadvantaged communities affected by war, poverty and disease, using a sport and play-based curriculum.  More than 600 children, three to 12-years-old, and some 300 parents will participate in the Play Day, which takes place on March 18 between 9AM and 12:30PM at the San Mateo stadium.

The goal of the Play Day is to enhance the community’s understanding of how to conserve and maintain safe drinking water.  Using sport and play as a tool for learning, Right To Play trainers, teachers and volunteers will lead children and parents through a dynamic and engaging day of activities focused on health and water.  Local community leaders, politicians, and ministry officials will participate, and entertainment by a renowned local theatre group will round out the event.

Vestergaard Frandsen, the global manufacturer of disease control textiles, has partnered with Right To Play to sponsor the Play Day.  The company donated 1,000 LifeStraw® point-of-use water filters that will be distributed to Play Day participants.  Each LifeStraw® water filter provides up to 1,000 litres of clean and safe drinking water and protects users against diarrheal diseases.  Vestergaard Frandsen worked with its Peruvian distributor and partner, La Ensenada-Biosym, to secure LifeStraws® for the event.

Peruvians Experience Serious Water Crisis

According to a World Health Organization report, in 2006 only 26 per cent of Peruvians living in rural areas had access to safe drinking water. San Mateo is an isolated community on the outskirts of the urban center of Lima, similar to others that have struggled with water conservation and water protection issues for years. Due to contamination of the local river, there is no available local source of clean potable water. The community relies on water shipped in from a local reserve each day. The water is available only for a short period of time each morning.  There is no running water in schools, and many families are left with few choices other than taking water from the contaminated river or limiting their water intake each day.

“About 90 per cent of rural primary schools in Peru are located in isolated communities with tough physical and environmental conditions, and little access to clean drinking water,” said Johann Olav Koss, President and CEO, Right To Play.  “Children living without clean water face harsh barriers to proper physical and cognitive development,” he added.

“It’s hard for people in developed countries to comprehend the hardships faced by people in rural areas of Peru and similarly disadvantaged populations around the world without access to clean drinking water,” said Mikkel Vestergaard-Frandsen, CEO of the company that bears his name.   “Drinking water is something that should be a basic human right,” added Vestergaard-Frandsen, who also praised Right To Play “for coming up with an excellent local solution to this serious global problem.”

Right To Play Interventions Have Strong Impact

Right To Play collaborates with governments to achieve United Nations Millennium Development Goal targets, particularly in the areas of health, education, and gender equality.  Right To Play expanded its geographical footprint into South America with the launch of programs in Peru in 2008.  Its Peru programs have reached over 13,000 children in 26 government schools with excellent results.  According to a recent evaluation, children involved in regular Right To Play activities scored almost 56 percent in numeracy and 68 percent in literacy at proficient standards compared to 38 percent in literacy and numeracy last year.

The Play Day in San Mateo directly reflects the 2011 theme for World Water Day, an annual observance that has been held on the 22nd of March since 1993.  This year’s theme, Water for cities: responding to the urban challenge, aims to encourage governments, organizations, communities, and individuals to actively address water management issues related to the rapid urban population growth, industrialization and uncertainties caused by climate change. The water problems in San Mateo are largely caused by Lima’s rapid urban population growth and lack of an effective infrastructure to support clean water.  For more information, visit

About Right To Play

Right To Play is the leading international humanitarian and development organization using sport and play as tools to effect behavior and social change. Our trained Coaches and community leaders implement our programs which are designed to develop basic life skills, prevent diseases, teach conflict resolution and instill hope in children affected by war, poverty and disease. Right To Play implements programs in 20 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. A pioneer in its field, Right To Play sets standards for quality sustainable programming, promotes best practices and advances research on the efficacy of sport-based development efforts. Founded in 2000 by Johann Olav Koss, four-time Olympic gold medalist and social entrepreneur, Right To Play fosters the hope and skills that are essential to envisioning and realizing a better future.

About Vestergaard Frandsen

Vestergaard Frandsen is a European-based international company specializing in complex emergency response and disease control products. It is guided by a unique Humanitarian Entrepreneurship business model, whose “profit for a purpose” approach has turned humanitarian responsibility into its core business. Two of Vestergaard Frandsen’s most innovative products are the portable LifeStraw® and LifeStraw® Family, which are complimentary point-of-use water filters that help people access safe drinking water both at home and outside.

The portable LifeStraw® water filter provides up to 1,000 litres of clean and safe drinking water and protects users against diarrheal diseases.  LifeStraw® Family filters water in the home.  The instant microbiological filter delivers at least 18,000 liters of U.S. EPA quality drinking water, enough to supply a family of five with cleaning drinking water for three years.  Both of the LifeStraw® products contain no chemicals and require no replacement parts or electrical power and are simple devices easy to use.  For more information about the products please visit

About LaEnsenada-Biosym

The company began operations on April 27, 1993. In the market we are known for providing quality products and services, in addition to the timely compliance of our obligations, offering our customers a superb range of products that we represent, distributing to various sectors such as food industry, labs, fisheries, livestock and others, and providing adequate specialized technical assistance.

La Ensenada-Biosym distributes first quality products.  Our Directory evaluates suppliers and products they produce. We represent internationally recognized firms, distributing products as exclusives for Peru. We attend national and international fairs in order to show our customers the latest technological innovations of the modern world.

Malaria Research

IR Mapper is a tool that helps inform vector control strategies by mapping insecticide resistance in mosquitoes that transmit malaria, Zika, Dengue and other mosquito borne diseases. This helps inform vector control strategies.


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