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Innovative New Crop Storage Bag Significantly Reduces Post-Harvest Losses From Pest Infestations

Lausanne, Switzerland, May 28 -- ZeroFly® Hermetic Storage Bag, an advanced solution that protects post-harvest crop losses from pest infestations, is now registered for sale in countries across Africa. The first-of-its-kind storage bag protects post-harvest grains and seeds against external and internal insect attacks. By doing so, it reduces the loss of seed and grain which can amount to up to 20% of post-harvest crop loss in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. 

The ground-breaking innovation offers small and medium size farmers and traders trouble-free storage for at least two years by integrating two technologies. These are:

1. a high quality hermetic inner-liner with enhanced oxygen barrier properties which protects grain already infested by insects pre-harvest though a reduced oxygen atmosphere, and

2. a slow-release insecticide-incorporated outer bag which ensures that no insects can attack the stored grain or seed. The insecticide, deltamethrin, is a Food and Agriculture and World Health Organization approved pesticide for controlling insect pests, and it is safe for farm families and their crops. Deltamethrin is incorporated into the fabric and slowly released onto the surface of the bag material in a controlled and sustained manner.

Food security remains a global problem affecting nearly a billion people. An estimated 10 to 30 percent of worldwide annual food production is lost during post-harvest processes. To put this loss into perspective, the World Bank projects that a 1% reduction in post-harvest losses corresponds to a gain of USD 40 million, with farmers as key beneficiaries. This is why addressing the post-harvest loss issue is critical to achieving global food security and global development.

ZeroFly® Storage Bags offer advantages over currently used solutions which have had limited success. These include fumigation and insecticide spraying which can provide inaccurate results and leave pesticide residues. Instead, ZeroFly® Storage Bag is safe and easy to use and offers long-lasting protection without the need for repeat intervention. The commodities stored in the bags are contiously protected against insect infestations for the lifetime of the bag, which is at least two years. When compared with other interventions used for the control of storage crop pest infestations, long-lasting ZeroFly® Hermetic Storage Bags offer a cost effective alternative.  

“The addition of an inner hermetic liner in the new ZeroFly® Hermetic Storage Bag creates a much more superior product which thwarts pests that can render standard hermetic bags compromised. The ZeroFly® Hermetic Storage Bag is likely going to be a game changer in improving food security,” noted George Opit, Associate Professor in the department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Oklahoma State University.

ZeroFly® Storage Bag is being sold in Kenya from Corporate Business Forms and Agro-dealer networks in Kenya and Positive International in Tanzania with their branches and agro-dealer Networks. In Malawi, the Farmers Union will use its networks and cooperative societies in its distribution; in Uganda, Agropma is working with farmer associations and Agro-dealers in the distribution. ZeroFly Storage Bags are also available in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Chad, Guinea Bissau, Angola, Bangladesh and Indonesia, and soon it will be available in Tanzania. Farmers can choose from sizes ranging from 10 to 1000 kg and a variety of colors.

ZeroFly® Storage Bag is manufactured by Vestergaard (, a family owned global company dedicated to improving the health of disadvantaged people with game-changing solutions that fight malaria, HIV/AIDS, diarrheal disease and neglected tropical diseases. The company is the largest producer of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets that prevent malaria under the PermaNet® brand. Vestergaard tapped into its vast experience in vector control to produce the first-ever insecticide-incorporated ZeroFly® Storage Bag. For more information visit

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