Ananda Ghosh, Dairy Farmer, Bangladesh

Ananda Ghosh, Dairy Farmer, Bangladesh

Within seven days of installation of ZeroFly®, the animals were “no longer agitated and kicking about. The cows are peaceful and feeding well, and milking the cow is now less troublesome. My farm now has a much cleaner look."

Mr. Shirajuddin, Dairy Farmer, Bangladesh

Mr. Shirajuddin, Dairy Farmer, Bangladesh

Mr. Shirajuddin is a microfinance beneficiary. He considers his farm animals as his “family members”. After installation of ZeroFly® not only his animal family members but also “human family members” are sleeping peacefully. “The animals are peaceful, eating well and I am sure soon their milk production will also increase.


Vestergaard S.A. primarily funds specific projects with specific outcomes. The grantee’s budget for each research agreement should reflect all of the expenses that are required for, and can be tracked directly to, the research project (i.e., direct costs). Vestergaard S.A. allows indirect costs up to 10 percent of the total project costs. For example, for project costs totaling $100,000 - up to $10,000 can be used for indirect costs and the remaining $90,000 can be applied toward project direct expenses. We understand that the indirect cost rates may not cover all of a grantee’s general operating costs, and grantees may need to use other resources to cover these costs.

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