Our Story

Vestergaard is a family-owned global health company dedicated to serving people in vulnerable situations around the world, most of whom live in developing countries.

Our Mission

Vestergaard's innovation in disease control textiles is fuelled by our humanitarian entrepreneurship to create a healthier planet.

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Our Solution

Our life-saving solutions fight malaria and neglected tropical diseases, prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, decrease incidence of diarrheal diseases, as well as enhance food security.

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Our Values

  • Passioneering

    We believe that true innovation of life saving products is created at the intersection of our passion to drive global change and our cutting-edge engineering or what we call Passioneering®. Within this unique passion-driven creative space we engineer human-focused solutions, designing game changing products and building programs that deliver real social, environmental and public health impact.

  • Innovative Challenger

    We approach challenges with an “everything is possible” attitude and push the boundaries on business as usual to find more effective solutions and smarter ways to address global health and development problems. Vestergaard values immersive engagement, diverse opinions and expertise from the private sector, public sector experts, scientists and engineers we work with to develop high quality products and sustainable solutions.

  • Speed of Response

    Keenly aware that timely delivery of our products and services impacts lives, we have established state-of-the-art production facilities and flexible supply chains to quickly produce products at scale. We ensure rapid delivery to end users through strategic distribution networks in concert with local governments, aid agencies, NGOs, retail markets and business entities. And, we encourage dialogue with the people who use our products to drive adoption and optimize impact.

  • Deliver with Precision

    We make considerable investments in scientific research and development to spur the creation of new products and to refine current ones. We rely heavily on data-driven evidence, in the lab and in the field, and encourage independent verification by third parties. We are also committed to raising industry standards to ensure the best products reach the people who need them.

  • Responsibility

    Vestergaard is committed to defining the role of the private sector in doing good. We believe that corporates can and should have responsibility at the core of their missions. On the operational front, we have been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2007 and embrace its code of conduct to protect human rights, maintain fair labor practices and safe work environments, respect employees and business partners, defend the environment and root out corruption.

Where We Work

Vestergaard is headquartered in Switzerland and LifeStraw is headquartered in the US. Both companies share offices around the world where highly skilled staff members work with stakeholders to ensure global reach with local support.

High-Impact Partnerships

  1. Our partnerships with governments, aid agencies, NGOs, faith-based groups and the private sector make it possible for disadvantaged people around the world to use our products.

    By purchasing in large quantities, these valued partners ensure that our humanitarian products reach individuals who cannot afford them.

  2. We also work with many local partners to guarantee seamless, on-time delivery by shipping products directly to in-country destinations. For people living in the most remote locations, we’re able to deliver products straight to their homes.

    Our intimate knowledge of these markets and network of strategically located warehouse facilities help implementers distribute products affordably and efficiently.

  3. Through meaningful dialogue with these influential partners and stakeholders, we’ve successfully led the private sector in furthering the development of policies, procedures and scientific advances that can improve global health.